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'Tis one "Subtle" Page Title!

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    the link points to another cloud!
  • Is the "Under Construction" Page really obsolete?

    This is a sanity check disguised as a website. Although it might as well be the other way around. It's a mans quest for an answer, the desire to comprehend the unconceivable. The Problem poses itself in numerous form: Can we still pull it? Is it for real? Does anbybody remember, or even care?
    Possibly not be much to look at, but aware of the shear potential behind the meaning of it all. Built on Ultra-Reliable Design Decicions you shall be proposed with unknown flexibility and countless options and with that we shall finally satisfy the needs of our clients, near or far, real or imaginary. Never before have the opportunities been simpler and the choices more clear.

    Unwanted? - Perhaps. But certainly not Undesirable! Responsive, eternally self-referencing (only if that is what you want, of course!) and without shame: Unimaginably beautiful.

    Just as with all those 'Popup' Windows, Stores, Restaurants etc. it all depends on the point of view. Let it be YOUR point! Together we will explore the endless possibilities of a new thoroughly digitalized era. Let's be honest here: They seek indulgence, while you're really after the Profit.

    We on the other hand are always struggling for Simplicity. For Reason, maybe even for Cause. It really is hard to see the "Yes" between all the "No's" and that is why the old saying 'less is more' can never be more true than in the Year 2020. Decide what you really need now. There is 'BLOAT' and there's just... the simple things in life. Drop your API's and Libraries, here's the stripped down approach again.
    Stripped and quick, or all-knowing, but potentially slow and probably wasteful... it is your decision!

    So here's another approach in "minimalist" coding.
    Ha. Who'd have thought.

    Anyway, here's to that and so much more. Certainly this is all merely a demonstration and a play of thought. As mentioned before, it all depends on your own perspective!


    • And there is more...

      ...or is there?

      Jaja, der olle Meier bastelt wieder mal an 'ne neue Webseite rum, ne!

    • Unknown Journalist quotes local Bünzli:

      "Webdesign cha doch jedä Tubel!"

    • Another Real Customer Review

      Client tells Reporter that they'd been "satisfied all over the f*ing place, dude!"

    • Great Reviews

      Never before met responseiveness and incredible template layouts, User reports!

    No Time For Prediction!

    We are here, what else could we ask for?
    You and I may very well look at the End of the Internet as we came to love and hate it. That's not really news, I agree. But nonetheless it's important that the skill to actually 'USE' the tools that our common History gives us don't get lost in the endless noise of the medialist empire. While Conservation is important, evolution is key! No need to spell things out here at this point.

    So far and so long...

    • The Most Hilarious Part

      "Please let us know about your opinion in the comment section!"

      "Hang on, we're still digging!"

    • Hot Air for sale!

      Weather Forecast Professional is looking to sell balloon stock at low price!